8 Interesting Ideas For Creating A Problem Solution Essay On Gay Marriage

Writing an essay on a potentially controversial topic can have its advantages. There are a number of current and past issues which have been brought to light that can be used as a starting point for your research and discussion. With something like gay marriage, there are many viewpoints. Each country has its own stance on this issue and what has been accepted into law or not.

If you’re looking for suggestions on what perspective to take when writing your paper, here are 8 great ideas for you.

  1. What is the definition of marriage? Is it the joining of one man and one woman or is it for two people who claim to love each other and want to make a commitment, regardless of gender?
  2. What is the purpose of marriage? Is it for procreation, for convenience, or to show that two people are committed to helping and supporting each other?
  3. Are gay relationships immoral and do they violate the sacredness of marriage?
  4. Would same-sex marriage threaten the institution of marriage?
  5. Should traditional marriages between one man and one woman be left the way they are?
  6. Gay marriage is nothing more than a social experiment.
  7. Should the rights to marriage be granted to gays based on re-defining the traditional concept of marriage?
  8. What are the real reasons many people oppose the acceptance of gay marriage?

You might be wondering how to best go about writing a problem solution type of essay. Basically, you will be explaining a problem and then presenting a detailed plan for how that problem can be solved. You will:

  • Describe the problem in detail and why you feel it’s a problem
  • Convince the reader there needs to be a solution to the problem
  • Propose the solution you have formulated
  • State your argument as to why you have chosen this as the best solution
  • Refute any objections to your choice of solutions

Do you need some strategies you can employ in formulating your solution? Look at what’s already been done and ask yourself some of these questions: Can I add something to make the solution better? How about take something away? Do people need to become more educated? Do laws or rules need to be made to facilitate my solution? Who is enforcing the laws or rules and is it being done efficiently? Does the method or procedure need to be changed? Does a person or body of people need to be motivated? Does something new need to be built? Does leadership need to be changed? Does a compromise need to be reached?

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