How To Write A Brilliant Obsession Definition Essay: Step-By-Step Instructions

One of the very first steps with your essay will be the selection of your term or concept. With the definition piece, you will define and develop your essay by this word and its meaning or multiple meanings. And your ideas and feelings, which are supported by research, must also be explored in the composition. Obsession is a word with several meanings, some which are good and some bad. So for this composition, first decide the meaning you wish to use. You can choose all the meanings if you wish to do so. Then follow these handy step-by-step instructions for writing the essay.

Directions for Your Obsession Paper

  1. Decide on the exact meaning or meanings you wish to write about in your piece.
  2. Give the piece a catchy title.
  3. Do a survey of your peers asking them what they think the word means, you can include this in the paper, and it may give you some directional ideas in which you can go.
  4. Research and find examples and places where your word has been used in different forms of media and such.
  5. Decide how you will discuss it-some examples might be the origin, the emotional meanings of the word, times it has been used, the antonyms of the word, and opinions about the word.
  6. You will want some examples of the usage in the paper, so once you pick the main ideas, begin to look for support.
  7. Three to four main ideas are good for this piece.
  8. Make sure to use transitions as you move from paragraph to paragraph.
  9. Words that have many connotation and denotations are the best words to use-and the word obsession should make for an interesting piece.
  10. You will want research support, so consider the etymology and linguistic background of the word.
  11. When you get to the conclusion strive for the strong close. Think of a movie or a poem that includes your word and hammer home your point. Do not retell your points, but skim over the main idea in a few sentences. Never give new information in the conclusion.
  12. Follow all of your teacher instructions and deadlines concerning this paper.

When you are assigned your Obsession word essay, feel free to use our directions to make the job easier and the paper better.

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