The Basics Of Writing An Argumentative Essay On Global Warming

Critical thinking and good decision making are few of the goals in learning how to write an argumentative essay. The student might not be a good speaker or debater, but it is with this type of essay that he specifies the skill or talent in creating his own arguments about a particular issue. The ability to rebut a statement with facts or strong evidence is a manifestation that the learner is not making a presumption, but a firm stand on a topic, which he believes, needs clarification and further investigation.

One issue we are haunted today is to global warming. To help you write an effective argumentative essay, check the website.

The following suggestions might help you write effectively:

  • You must gather the past and present data and make a reliable comparison on how this information have contributed to global warming.
  • The data must be based on actual events to make it a good material in presenting your stand on the issue.
  • Focus your arguments on current global concerns and present the issue systematically by using the cause and effect relationship.
  • Get your reader’s attention by throwing random questions which are directly or indirectly connected to their present predicament.
  • Make an assessment based on updated statistical data for your essay to be more valuable to your audience.
  • Stick to the idea of challenging your audience to react and make their personal assessment on the issue you are laying on the table.
  • Ideas on your essay must be based on the cognitive level, not on the effective aspect.
  • Paint a clear picture of what you are saying by vividly stating real life events concerning disasters and emergencies that are related to global warming.
  • With great conviction, tell your readers if you are in favor or not of the government or the world’s steps in solving the problem. Justify your points by stating reasons based on facts.
  • Balance your arguments by ignoring or neglecting the unfavorable side of the story. Again, support these with proof or evidence.
  • Do not use your feelings in telling the story to your audience and always set aside your personal views or opinions on the matter.
  • Always be consistent with your stand on the issue. Never mention something that might stab you in the back. If possible, use clear and simple words to convey your ideas.

These are not only the techniques and strategies in coming up with a good argumentative essay. Reading other materials like books and journals will help you add more ideas to these online tools and resources.

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