Instructions On Writing A Descriptive Essay In The 8th Grade

Think back to the first assignment you were ever asked to write in school. It may have been far enough in the past that you have difficulty recalling. If you think hard enough you may recall that you were asked to describe things such as how your summer holidays were or the events that transpired during your most recent field trip. As a result, you have been writing descriptive essays much longer than you realize. That does not necessarily mean you are comfortable with them though so here are some tips that can ease your mind in this regard:

  • Pay attention to the teacher’s requests
  • The same assignment will come with different requirements depending on who prescribes it to you. Make sure you know what your teacher wants you to include. Take nothing for granted. Ask for a rubric if this will help. This is simple a list of what you have to do and how many points each element will be worth. Sometimes you can be lucky and find one that is suitable online but there is no certainty that your teacher will allocate points similarly.

  • Select a topic that fits what is expected of you
  • Of all the infinite things you could possible describe only a very small sliver of them are appropriate. You will have to consider many factors when you begin your brainstorming process. Are there any topics that your teacher is especially fond of? These can score you extra points easily if you write them well. Avoid the topics that your teacher hates unless you are especially skilled.

  • Read other pieces that are focused on description
  • Do not limit yourself to reading essays. Look for articles or even novels that are high on adverbs and adjectives. The way the writers have approached their subjects can give you ideas.

  • Compose a draft
  • Even the best writers rarely ever dive right into the finished product. Compose a draft based on what you have found so far.

  • Read it over to look for errors
  • Everyone makes mistakes. If you want to make sure yours do not affect your final grade, read your draft over carefully and eliminate the most obvious ones. You can always search for the subtle ones after you have done this revision.

Try all of the above and you will see improvements over time, especially if you practice regularly.

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