A List of Intriguing Essay Topics for University Students

No one ever tells you this, but writing an essay can be fun. Always look for a subject that interests or intrigues you when you need a topic for an upcoming paper. You can also consider checking your social media sites for trending and fresh topics. You should always be aware of what goes on in your world. Another trick for getting a quick topic is to look at debate national organization pages. Debate members always argue the latest and biggest news. Their websites are filled with topic lists. Have fun the next time you write an essay by picking a fresh and intriguing topic. Consider using some of the topics listed below.

Fresh Topic List

  • Bust or brilliant-pick a controversial celebrity and argue that he or she is either a bust or a brilliant performer
  • Blah on de Blasio-what do you think of the NYC leader, love him or hate him, but have fun writing about him in your next essay
  • Harry, More than Hot-prince Harry loves women and they love him, but did you know he is an amazing philanthropist with a giving heart of gold, write about his charitable acts
  • Are you really green-you may love the earth, but you are probably less green than you think you are, read up on what being green really means, and how to be a green citizen
  • Cost-free college-you go to college, the rates are exorbitant, why and they so high and shouldn’t college be free for anyone who wants to attend
  • Campus violence and rapes-what are the real statistics and how can we stop campus crime
  • To be or not to be-did Shakespeare really write all those plays and sonnets, if not, who did
  • Peaceful protests and the hidden violence-explore what a peaceful protest is and how it can hide violence or lead up to violent acts
  • Disappearing planes-how can it be that a plane just disappears, what is your theory with the missing planes, and where could they be

As you can see, there are many fresh ideas for essay topics. You should make a list of your hobbies and interests to get inspiration for essay ideas. You an also look online for trending topic ideas. If that does not help you come up with a topic, feel free to use one listed above for your next paper.

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