12 Good Ideas For 7th Grade Persuasive Essay Topics

In order to write a good essay, it is best that you have an eye-catching topic. Doing persuasive essays is a must for 7th graders. You must be able to balance your viewpoints between arguments for and against your statement to come with a logical conclusion. Here are 12 ideas that you can choose to do as an essay topic.

  • Is hurting another person right or wrong?
  • While most people would probably give a knee-jerk reaction and say that hurting somebody else is simply wrong, you need to present your evidence to justify such a case. You will also have to balance it with arguments where hurting someone can be justified.

  • Should abortion be legal?
  • One of the most controversial issues in modern society. Whether or not you see a foetus as a life form would directly influence your conclusion. Balance your viewpoint and try not to be biased out of your personal stance.

  • Should students made to wear uniforms?
  • Is it right to have students to wear uniforms or should they be granted the freedom to choose whatever the want to wear? Discuss the problems implied in each standpoint.

  • Should smoking be illegal?
  • Smoking is known to hurt one’s health. Should it therefore be banned for the greater good of the society?

  • Should curfew be imposed on minors?
  • Can the parents’ decision based on safety and protection infringe on the freedom of the child?

  • Can stealing be justified?
  • Taking procession of another person’s item is wrong, but are there cases where such acts are justified?

  • Discuss the moral implications of the use of atomic bombs in the Second World War.
  • Give an argument on the use of weapon of mass destruction in this historical event.

  • Should children be allowed to use electronic items under the age of five?
  • Some argue that electronic items cause addiction among children, but it would also help them familiarising themselves with technology. Discuss.

  • Should voting be universal to include all age groups?
  • Should minors be given a voice as well?

  • Should school lunches focus on providing more nutritious selections?
  • Healthier lunches help reduce cases of obesity but is it achievable?

  • Can tax be justified?
  • Taxing is viewed by some as morally wrong. Discuss.

  • Should lessons and classes start later in the morning?
  • Would a better sleep allow people to be more productive?

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