Treatment And Recovery Of Heroin Addict

Drug addiction is one of the issues which are very difficult to treat and recover from because it may be very difficult for the patients to commit to the treatment programs and to stick to the treatment schedule till the very end. This issue is particularly observed very frequently among those receiving treatment for heroin addiction. This addiction is very difficult to treat and the medication used for treatment is also considered to be harmful because inadvertent excess use of the medication can also lead towards fatal consequences.

The medication used for treatment of heroin addiction is methadone and there are a number of treatment programs available for heroin addicts which use methadone along with other therapies to treat the addiction. The key to successful treatment is commitment to the program and not missing any medication or therapy session. This is one of the factors that is very hard to comply with for heroin addicts. It has been observed that very few of the patients successfully finish their methadone based addiction treatment. A large number of patients leave the program within a few weeks or a few months. Although the methadone based addiction treatment programs can be found very frequently, their success rate is very low due to lack of commitment by patients. There need to be some ways to ensure that the patients stay committed to the program and not stray back towards the addiction. This may include some motivational factors which may keep the patients going with the program.

It has also been found that patients who receive continuous support from friends and family members are more successful in completing their treatment and they also recover sooner. On the other hand, patients who do not have any social support tend to fall back into their addiction habits. Such individuals are exposed to a greater degree of harm because taking medication along with the use of substance can lead towards some really complicated situations which may be even more difficult to treat. Another problem related to methadone is that it is a pain killer and patients may also develop an addiction to this drug, therefore it needs to be taken in moderation and under strict supervision.

Thus, it can be concluded that treatment and recovery from heroin addiction is possible however there are certain factors that need to be taken care of. Patients need to be provided social support and the drug administration should be strictly supervised.

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