The Meaning Of Life

Whether you are the best student in your high school or a school drop-out, the best athlete in the sports world today or the laziest man alive, somewhere in life you ask yourself the questions: Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? And then all of a sudden, everything seems to lose its meaning and becomes shallow. However, the true answer to this question can never be answered fully by an individual and there will always be certain gaps and incompleteness regarding the meaning of life.

A lot of individuals confuse the actual concept behind the “meaning” of life with being living a “happy” life. In reality, although these two concepts seem to overlap at a number of occasions however, this might give rise towards living a materialistic or instrumental life in the eyes of some scholars.

A number of individuals define the meaning of life as contributing and working towards a better society which provides equal opportunities to each individual and looks forward towards extending the basic necessities to the common man. According to them, this will allow individuals to not only achieve mental satisfaction, but will also achieve the true meaning and essence that has been given in the form of life and will lead to better social as well as personal life and would actually convert one’s life into a gift.

On the other hand, there have been a number of theories about individualism which believe that every human being is responsible for their own circumstances and thus have to take care of themselves individually. These theories believe that it is not the responsibility of a particular society or group to provide for other individuals and therefore every person has to make sure he makes a better living standard for himself without worrying about other people around him.

In conclusion, it is not practical to give out a simple answer for describing the meaning of life. Different scholars and individuals give their respective opinions regarding life and all of them have been logical in their own ways. In my opinion, the true essence of life is to achieve inner peace. It depends on individual choices rather than different comments and theories with what an individual seeks to achieve whether it be something for the society or for the individual family or even himself. The meaning of life is what you think of it and believe in rather than what others believe or say.

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