The Bad Habit Of Smoking

Smoking has many bad aspects to it. Though some would claim that they cannot function without the stress-relieving benefits of smoking a cigarette, the drawbacks that accompany smoking are much more significant. Smoking is a social crutch that helps people feel as if they fit in with a group. It is also a way to mask emotional problems from being exposed and dealt with. However, these are all secondary to the health risks associated with smoking.

A social and emotional crutch

Smokers are usually masking something with their habit. They often do not feel at ease with strangers unless they have a cigarette in hand. This may stem from trying to fit in with their peers during formative years. Smoking has become a way for youngsters to connect with each other and have something in common. It is also a sign of mild rebellion and freedom—a quality that is welcomed by others. Therefore it is often necessary for a person to deal with some root issue before quitting is possible.

Health risks

Of course we all know many of the health risks associated with smoking. Lung and throat cancer, emphysema, heart disease and other ailments are common in people who smoke excessively. There are also risks involved for people who are nearby smokers. Second-hand smoke can be just as damaging if not kept in check.

What about stress relief?

It has been said that smoking one cigarette a day is immensely good for stress relief. Seeing that stress is just as big a killer as smoking, one must try to find a balance here. Many people who live into their nineties claim that smoking one cigarette a day has done wonders for their stress levels and is part of the reason why they have lived so long. The problem with this is that many do not have the willpower to stop at one.

So many smokers want to quit because of the health risks involved for them and their family members. But failure to deal with an underlying issue before attempting to quit will almost surely result in another addiction taking the place of smoking. It may be a solution—if stress is the real reason a person smokes—to try and cut down to as little as one cigarette per day. Perhaps this is the answer to getting more people to quit this destructive habit.

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