A Few Great Compare/Contrast Essay Topics for Beginners

If you cannot think of an interesting and original topic for a compare and contrast essay, study the following prompts. One of them will undoubtedly inspire you.

  1. Texting vs. face-to-face communication.
  2. Today many people argue that the rising popularity of social networks and the Internet in general affects people’s interpersonal skills as they simply forego face-to-face communication. Is texting really bad? How will this particular development affect the future generations?

  3. Photographers vs. painters.
  4. Who is the more talented? Are photographers truly artists? Can the painters create unbiased pictures of the real world?

  5. Is it better to have a fox or a ferret for a pet?
  6. Today many people choose to have unusual pets. Compare the pros and cons of actually keeping foxes or ferrets in your home and determine which option is the less destructive for the household.

  7. Typing and handwriting in schools.
  8. Should children be taught how to write or do they only need to learn how to type? Is calligraphy important for a child’s future? How can the kids from the low-income families fare in this situation?

  9. Homeschooling vs. public schools.
  10. Can a child show better academic results when he or she is taught privately in the comfortable environment? Are the social skills obtained through mingling with peers really important today? Is there an option where you can have the best of both these worlds?

  11. Driving a car or riding a bike to school.
  12. There is no doubt which options is more eco-friendly. However, there are other factors to be considered, such as safety, time, comfort, and weather.

  13. Evolution and mutation.
  14. Explain the difference between the two. How does one affect the other? Is it possible to speed up evolution through controlled mutations and vice versa?

  15. Leonardo Da Vinci and Nikola Tesla.
  16. Both these inventors developed some gadgets that changed the world as a whole. Is it possible to determine whose contribution was more valuable? How did the lifestyles of these geniuses affect their work?

  17. Social media comments and school debates clubs.
  18. School debates clubs used to be popular, but nowadays they are almost extinct due to the fact that anyone can have an uncontrolled debate with anyone else via the comments in various social media. Is this method of communication really more advanced? How will this development affect the future generations of politicians?

  19. Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter and Adolf Hitler.
  20. The main villain in Joan Rowling’s story about the boy-wizard uses many of the Nazi’s dogmas in his own propaganda. What are the other similarities between the fictional character and real Hitler’s policies?

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