The 10 Most Intriguing Topics To Write A Persuasive Essay On

A persuasive essay requires all your attention if you want to get high marks. You need to be really passionate about the topic if you want to convince the readers to accept your ideas. It is not enough to bring general arguments; you need to have very clear points that support your perspective, and any reader can easily accept that. If you are searching for some intriguing topics, we have some for you:

  1. The importance of religion in schools. Some schools insist that the students must take religion classes while other schools do not accept any religious symbol in the course. Express your point of view and bring arguments.
  2. The damaging effect of fast-food. Many say that there are big advantages for this kind of food, but they are not completely aware of the dangers. Provide the opinion of well-known nutritionists and doctors that can explain the risks in easy way.
  3. How useful homework is? There are many debates on this topic, as many students start to protest against a significant volume of homework. Discuss your opinion related to this issue.
  4. Should immigrants be allowed to work? From a political point of view, this is one of the most discussed issues in Europe in the last years.
  5. Endangered species. There are many activists who are really passionate about this situation. You can search for solutions to stop the tendency of killing without a purpose.
  6. Pollution. The scientists say that in a few years we will run out of natural resources because we over-exploited them. Provide some simple solutions that can be applied by students in order to reverse this process.
  7. Your political orientation. Even if most of your classmates are not interested in politics, it can be useful for them to understand what is happening in your country nowadays.
  8. Should students learn more than one language? The professors say that one language is more than enough and trying to learn more than this can slow you down in other subjects.
  9. Is the new technology a useful or damaging element? There are plenty of opinions on this topic, integrate yours and bring valid argumentation.
  10. Going to a therapist is necessary for teenagers? While specialists recommend this, some parents say that they can provide all the support that their child needs. Express your sincere opinion and give examples from your personal life to support your argument.

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