Descriptive Essay Topics List: Vital Suggestions

Descriptive essays are considered to be the easiest assignments among the students. The matter is that nothing should be researched to produce a good piece of writing. All you should do is describe a person, place, object, or event on the basis of your personal experience. If you have strong imagination and developed creating thinking, you will surely create a masterpiece in words.

Usually, the hardest part in writing descriptive essays is choosing what to write about. Here is a list of topics that might help you make your choice or embolden you to come up with a completely new topic idea to describe.

  1. My dream.
  2. The happiest day.
  3. A day in the forest, at the seaside, in the mountains, etc.
  4. A bouquet.
  5. The worst (the best) memory from my childhood.
  6. Starting new life.
  7. The painting (photograph) that impressed me much.
  8. A trip by the train (plane, car, or ship)
  9. My first kiss (date)
  10. The best present.
  11. Sitting at the window.
  12. My pet.
  13. My mother (father, sister, friend, etc.)
  14. Walking in the night (in the rain)
  15. The book (movie) that changed my world outlook.

As you can see, descriptive essay topics are usually of generic nature. Choose any you like and add details, figurative language, and deep images. If you are not sure what to start from, make use of the following vital suggestions that will help boost your creativity:

  • Close your eyes and visualize the subject or event you are going to describe. Try to recall as much details as possible. Awake all your five senses to convey the picture. What objects or people surround you? What colors do you see? Is it dark or light? Do you recall any smells? What about the sounds? Touch the imaginary object. How does it feel like? The more details you gather, the better. Write down all the ideas so that you could use them in your descriptive essay.
  • Don’t be constrained while describing. Develop your ideas through analogies and comparisons, use thesaurus, and try to reproduce all the vivid sensory details by means of language.
  • Don’t be too critical. Stop nibbling at the ideas that might seem silly or ungrounded, because it may prevent you from being expressive enough. It’s all right if your reader may consider some views in your descriptive essay being strange or extra-ordinary; it is your personal experience and you see it just so.

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