Most of the families today take time to be together. They have fun doing together and enhance their relationships. This is a good thing to do especially if you want to build a family that is bound together with love and oneness. Family members are free with each other and bond thus making easy to communicate and solve problems when they arise. Due to this fact, Nintendo has come up with games that by families. They are party games and are modeled to include various aspects of a family. The console of these games is in such a way that it gives all the family members a chance to socialize and have fun. Party games are fun when played with other people and this gives a chance for families to play many sorts of games and have fun. This idea has lead to tremendous growth of Nintendo. Just like any other business, they have had a string and moments of success and some hardships and failures in some sectors.

Pros of Nintendo games

Nintendo has a variety of games. Most of these games are easy to play and makes it a favorite to many people. These games are also party games and thus the need to play them with friends or family members. Some of the games are designed that at times you will have to work as a group. This makes them important in that they promote team work. Through such games, you can enhance your ability to communicate or relate with other people. Nintendo is also simple and thus is easy to learn how to use. Nintendo has an online help line that assists you if you have a problem or you encounter problems in understanding the game instructions. They also offer repairs help although at a fee.

Cons of Nintendo

Nintendo always uses tri wing screws when joining two parts of their products. This makes it difficult for one to repair even simple problems with the console. This is expensive as one has to pay a lot of money to other people to do the repair which would otherwise been very cheap were it not for the screw. Most of the party games in Nintendo do not have the competitive aspect of videogames. The other major problem associated with the Nintendo is with its controller. It uses the analog sticks that are considered as substandard as compared to other consoles that use digital control methods.

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