Media Impact

The media plays a huge role in how people learn about things going on around them. The media is different forms of communication with multiple purposes. There are positive and negative sides to media attention and how it is used. The media impact is able to influence people and their actions. You can promote products, develop a voice for a cause, or get the word out about something important that could help save lives. The media continues to change and grow on a regular basis. There are those that have good intentions with the media, while others have intentions that remain to be questioned.

The media is known to pass along messages of hope, fear, happiness, and change to name a few. There are times when the media is helpful and we wonder what we would do without it. The media helps people learn about breakthroughs, scandals, and follows through with changes and developments constantly evolving. The media is highly useful for certain groups and organizations that help protect, serve and raise awareness for causes. There are elements that help people feel better or enjoy entertainment during times of sadness or stress. Then there are moments when people learn news that will forever change how you view elements of life.

Positive elements of media impact vary depending on the avenue. The media often provides information people need to know. This means they can use the information to make their lives better. You can learn able criminals on the loose or medical breakthroughs occurring in other parts of the world. You can learn about progress happening in the community or where to go when you need help. You can learn when to take shelter when inclement weather is happening and how to help others in their time of need. Yet, the media impact has it negative points that have caused considerable controversy.

The media is known to sugar coat certain situations to create more ciaos. Others feel you can’t always belief what you hear or see because the media can fabricate stories. There are times you learn about something you had no clue it was going on, it may be something bad you don’t want to know, but it is a part of your reality. The media has its way of letting people know about information it has. Yet, the media is known to take things too far and create unnecessary panic.

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