Media Influence On Public Perceptions Of Ethnic Groups

The media plays a big role in how people perceive public perceptions of ethnic groups. In many cases such perceptions are misleading or have some truth to them depending on the situation. The media can influence what a person thinks about an ethnic group since they can provide insight on one side of a story or choose to show the public something that can influence them in a positive or negative manner. Most people know the media can stretch the truth sometimes just to get people talking. But it is a different story when you know the truth behind false perceptions especially if you are a member of a specific ethnic group.

The media may highlight certain situations such as violence and often show it affiliated with a certain ethnic background often, even though acts of violence occur all around the world. Such actions have an effect on how people perceive others. This can be a good or bad thing depending on the situation. People may become aware of actions caused by others when they are unaware of certain ethnic groups and activities they commonly engage in. But, the perception is often taken with a grain of salt since people know you can’t always trust what is put in the media.

Unfortunately, the media also plays a role in offending people of different ethnic backgrounds. They may show or describe a situation that involves a particular ethnic background. In some cases they fail to do more research to provide clear details behind the story. They may provide information that is good enough to attract attention to people, but when people look into it further they learn something seems missing or they feel the media has jumped to conclusions. The media has a right to inform people about what is going on in the community and in society, but there are times the media has gotten out of control in creating perceptions they want the public to view.

There are times the media provides useful information that helps people get a better idea of what issues and concerns are priorities of other ethnic groups. People have opportunities to make things a little better by treating others respect. But, the media still has issues in providing the truth in a manner that doesn’t offend or give misconceptions people don’t need to deal with.

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