Useful Tricks And Hints For Composing An Exploratory Essay On Racism

Writing about racism is a challenging task for any student. This touchy subject can be problematic because of the fact that it is so controversial and sensitive. Fortunately, writing an exploratory essay about racism does not involve developing and supporting an opinion. When you write an exploratory essay, you simply conduct an inquiry into the topic and show what you have found.

  • Ask Basic Questions
  • When you write develop an inquiry into a topic like racism, you begin by asking a basic question about what racism is. Then, you conduct research to find the answer. You do not debate whether racism is good or bad. You simply share what you have learned about what racism is.

  • Understand the Importance
  • Once you find out what racism actually is, you then write about why it is important to know what racism is. You do this to show the reader why it is important to understand exactly what racism is. In a sense, you are educating the reader about your topic. You want to make the reader care about the topic, so you share compelling research.

  • Ask Deeper Questions
  • After the basic information about racism, you need to address at least two thought-provokig questions. These questions can address who, what, when, where, why, and how about your topic. You simply choose the questions you want to understand. You could ask:

    • Who was involved in the development of racism in the United States?
    • What were the driving factors that brought racism into the United States?
    • When did racism become a problem in other countries?
    • Where is racism not considered a problem?
    • Why did racism develop?
    • How is racism perpetuated?

  • Answer the Questions
  • Once you have your questions and you have conducted your research, you include the answers in your exploratory essay. It is important to remember that the essay does not require you to prove a point; the essay is expository in the fact that you need to just explain what you have learned and what you want to share.

  • First Person Pronouns Optional
  • Because this essay is about your exploration of the topic, you should ask your instructor if you can use first-person pronouns in the project. First person pronouns are generally appropriate in an exploratory essay because you are sharing what you have learned, but without including your opinions on the matter.

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