How To Write An Outstanding Argumentative Essay Step By Step: Clear Instructions

Need to write an argumentative essay? No idea where to start? Well, look no further! With this easy step by step guide, you will soon be well on your way to writing a great essay with no trouble at all. Just remember to do all the steps in order and don’t miss any out, and soon you’ll be getting top marks, regardless what subject you are writing on.

  1. Stop and think!
  2. Don’t just dive straight in. One of the best uses of your time when it comes to writing argumentatively is to simply think about the question at hand. You need to consider the subject from every angle you can, which means thinking, reading and talking about it. This process needs to take at least a couple of hours (although it can depend on how long the writing is supposed to be). Jot down notes and note really interesting ideas that come to you but don’t attempt to create your essay just yet. Allow yourself some time to really understand the subject matter, because the better you understand what you’re arguing, the better your writing will sound.

  3. Don’t start with your introduction
  4. Introductions can be the hardest part to write, and can leave you feeling frustrated and angry. So just don’t write one! (At least, not at first.) Jump straight into the meat of the piece; start with your first paragraph, not forgetting your topic sentence, which will set out exactly what the rest of the paragraph will discuss. Once you have written the body of the essay, you will find it much, much easier to start and finish the introduction. Also, make sure that the introduction and the conclusion match; make sure that the introduction is clearly saying what you predict your conclusion will say. This will make your essay seem even more professional.

  5. Back up everything you say
  6. Argumentative essays need reasons, and they need good reasons. Here is where point number 1 comes in. Hopefully, you have already considered all possible aspects of your subject, which means that you have already thought about the sorts of arguments you are going to make and how exactly you are going to back them up so that the reader follows what you are trying to say. If you do not give reasons and evidence for your opinions, your writing is not going to convince anyone.

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