Life Imprisonment without Parole vs. the Death Penalty

When a heinous crime is committed more than likely the perpetrator will be sentenced to life in prison without parole or the death penalty. In many cases the death penalty is the final verdict but defense for the inmate may work toward a life without parole sentence. Overall it depends on the crime committed and whether or not the criminal really knew what they were doing. The court will decide the outcome based on evidence leading up to the crime committed that made the suspect eligible for either sentence.

Life in prison without parole is given to someone that commits a crime that is practically unforgivable. A person may take the life of another person, or commit a number of serious crimes that add up to a lot of years in prison. For instance, committing fraud, stealing from the government or robbing a number of banks could lead to decades in prison. A person could get a sentence of 50 or 60 years in prison. If they are middle aged when the crime occurred this is practically a life sentence since you would be in there until you die if you are not eligible for parole.

The death penalty can be given to someone who takes the life of another in ways unforgivable. A suspect could have committed multiple murders or it was a decision the jury felt would justify the crime committed. This decision is controversial since many people do not support the death penalty. A suspect may be remorseful for what they did, but feel they should not die for it. They would rather serve life in prison. But, many prison establishments rather have the inmate die in order to save on costs. The death penalty is a ruling that is commonly appealed several times until the death of the inmate occurs. In some cases it can be overturned but not without a hard fight.

Being locked up for life can be something hard to deal with. Many suspects end up taking their own lives because they can’t stand the idea of being in solitary confinement. More people are looking into ways to get rid of the death penalty or at least gain more support to have such rulings overturned. For others it is a matter of understanding why someone did what they did. After all, you have to pay for the crime someway even if it doesn’t make sense.

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