Leonardo da Vinci

Who is Leonardo da Vinci? If we ask ten people this question, we would probably receive ten different answers. An artist, a sculptor, an engeneer, an author of Mona Lisa, a representative of templers, a scientist, a genious… It is difficult to find a person who knows nothing about this man of distinction.

There are a lot written about da Vinci, his personality, his works, his researches, and even fictions. There are a lot of exhibitions and documentaries showing us his greatest contribution to the world of science and art. Almost all that works are based on his diaries where he was describing his observations. We can find a lot of information about his works. But it is very hard to find information about his life beyond the pale of his work based on his own notes. The works of Leonardo allows us to judge about the magnitude and uniqueness of his talent. There are not only manuscripts dedicated to physical science based on his drawings, drafts, sketches and diagrams, but also works on the theory of art. Numerous discoveries, projects and experimental studies in mathematics, mechanics, and other natural sciences belongs to Leonardo da Vinci.

However, despite the fact that we know much about da Vinci, he continues to be a mystery to us. And the most curious is the secret of his personality. Leaving 18 volumes of records dealing with all possible sciences, Leonardo, however, did not trust his innermost thoughts to paper. The secret of Leonardo da Vinci is a mystery of versatility, of ideal lost in modern times, lost in the pursuit of details, updates, behind which the coherent picture of the universe becomes invisible. Leonardo is a real proof that universality is possible.

Many historians believe that the success of Leonardo in the scientific field interfered with his irrepressible temperament of the artist. Fine arts experts, on the other hand, regret his scientific passions. With the appearance of new trends in art and the dynamic evolution of the society his work attracts a lot of criticism in the last centuries.

But more often the investments of Leonardo da Vinci into different fields draw admiration. In art, he is considered the founder of the classical form of European painting, in science he is one of its founders with many achievements, and in the engineering he is known as an unsurpassed innovator.

Leonardo da Vinci was a man with his strengths and weaknesses, as anyone in our human lives. But at the same time, he is a phenomenon. A genius who still remains a mystery.

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