Does Kiwi Can Lower The Blood Pressure?

Eating well is the first step to making sure that you stay healthy. Good eating habits are a sure way to a healthy heart. It should be known to all that eating fewer of fast foods and giant Frappuccino’s will improve the heart health. It is important to eat more heart healthy foods. Foods which are rich in plant sterols, minerals, soluble fats and monounsaturated fats are a heart healthy food and will keep your heart healthy. Kiwi is an unsung hero of healthy heart.

There are several options helping one lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of blood pressure. Triglyceride are however notoriously difficult to reduce. Clots in blood are caused by platelets sticking together which is aggravated by triglycerides. Eating kiwi regularly could help you reduce levels of triglycerides and reduces the stickiness of the remaining triglycerides. Kiwi has very high level of potassium content and this helps regulate the blood pressure.

It is does not mean that when you eat kiwi regularly you are safe from the risk of blood pressure. It just reduces the chances of the getting blood pressure. You however should take other precautionary measures to avert the risk of blood pressure. Good eating habits and make sure you exercise regularly to be safe of blood pressure. When you eat a lot of fats you put yourself at a very high risk of blood pressure. You should reduce your intake of fats and take more fruits and you will be safe of blood pressure. While you may not be able to be yourself a hundred percent free of blood pressure, you can reduce the chances of having blood pressure. This is by ensuring that you practice good healthy eating habits. Eating a balanced diet and drinking right amount of fluids is a good habit.

Doing exercises is important too as it helps to burn the excess fats and reduce cholesterol. It is however important to do the rights exercises and not strain your body with very vigorous activities. This doesn’t just keep blood pressure at bay but it makes you keep fit and maintain a good body shape. Lastly do not forget to take your kiwi regularly and prevent blood pressure.

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