How To Make A Good Start Writing A 5-Paragraph Essay

It’s no surprise your teacher has assigned this type of essay for you to write; the classic 5-paragraph essay is a commonly assigned paper. This is especially true for High School but also occurs in college. Here are the steps for you to follow in doing your paper:

  1. Introduction – this is the first paragraph of your paper, and is the main factor in getting the reader involved and wanting to read more. It should contain the thesis statement. The introduction is kind of like a condensed outline; it tells your reader what your paper is about. You should also have a transition sentence at the end of this paragraph which leads the reader into the body of the paper.
  2. Body – this will take up 3 of your 5 paragraphs. Each one should be dedicated to a unique, supporting idea. The first paragraph should contain your best argument, the one that makes the strongest statement. It should have your most relevant example, best illustration or most important figure or chart. The second paragraph contains your second strongest argument and example, and so on for the third.
  3. The body is the part that contains most of your research, findings and argument. It is the part where you present your opinion, make your claim or attempt to persuade. It’s where all your data or evidence is located.
  4. The conclusion is the fifth and final paragraph in your paper. It should wrap up everything you’ve presented and be an ending point to the thesis statement you gave in your introduction. It should echo what you’ve already said. Don’t present any new evidence in the conclusion. You can place a call to action here, if relevant.
  5. Polishing up with a good proofreading. This essential step cannot be skipped if you want to produce a stellar paper. Even if you follow all the other steps but you skimp on the proofing, you won’t have a very successful paper. Take a break from writing and do something else to clear your mind for a while. Then come back and proof read your paper. If possible, get someone else to read through it also, so they can point out anything you’ve missed.

One of the key factors to essay writing success is to start early. Don’t procrastinate. When time is on your side you have a lot more chance of creating a paper you can be proud of.

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