Writing A Winning Introduction To A Reflective Essay: 5 Simple Tricks

When it comes to oratory skills, great renditions often sink deep into our hearts. Our souls will always be lifted by great speakers of our time. The question is; can the same be achieved through writing? It is said that everyone has a past and when it comes to giving an account of it, others can be boring and possible turn off our attention. However, if you are an avid reader, you must have probably come across a masterpiece that you never wished to put down or give away to anyone. The urge of reading a material over and over again is a reserve that is only attributed to great literature. Great writers are arguably great readers and if you are fond of a particular newspaper column, the most likely reason for it is that, a certain writer makes you see what you read every weekend. Also, the column is so moving that you feel you are into it. You feel like one of the characters in the story. Well, if you were to do justice to your prospective readers especially through a reflective essay, don’t turn them off through a boring compositing. Be artistic and pour out your soul on paper. Make them see instead of think. Make them feel part of it. The question you could be asking to this end is; how? As discussed hereafter as great but simple tricks that will be a window of opportunity henceforth when it comes to writing a winning introduction to a reflective essay. It is important to note than an introduction is a window into a world of your writing. It the entry point and so glue your readers from the onset using these tricks.

Use of a provocative quotation

You want to set a bombshell up and the way to do this is start with a something that is thought provoking. Make readers think if they don’t want to.

A question that is startling can work the magic

Sometimes a question can make readers reflect on their own life. Something like; are you troubled with your past experiences?

Surprise reads with facts

Facts can be bewildering especially if readers don’t know they exist. In this regard, do thorough research before you can postulate them in writing.

A clear but largely unexpected anecdote

Just like with speaking, listeners can’t quite tell how you will start addressing them. This is also possible with writing in which case you can start with an unexpected anecdote to grab attention.

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