Free Tips and Ideas for Writing an Argumentative Essay on Gun Control

Argumentative essays are designed to get you to work on proving your case. They are a very specific type of essay that have a slightly different format then most other essays. When you have been asked to write an argumentative essay on gun control, there are some very specific tips to follow. These ideas will help you make this paper a success.

Choose a side

The first step in the process is to choose a side. You are for or against gun control. Do you think that citizens should be allowed to carry a gun or do you think that only trained professionals should have a right to carry a gun? If you are straddling the fence and you really don’t have a stand and you can’t choose a different topic, choose the side with the most reasons to support it.


You will want to create your thesis next. This is a fairly easy procedure since you already chose a side. You are for or against gun control because… Then you just need to come up with three reasons to support your decision. Next come up with one thing that the other side is saying about the issue and a way to refute it.


Developing your outline is pretty easy after you have completed the first two steps above. You would want to complete this using complete sentences and your transitions from one paragraph to the next. Each reason to support your side will be its own paragraph. Then you will present the view of the opposition. Here is a short example of what your outline should look like.

Outline: (Title of paper)

  • I. Introduction
  • a. Background information

    b. Thesis statement

  • II. Reason One
  • a. Supporting evidence

    b. Supporting evidence

  • III. Reason Two
  • a. Supporting evidence

    b. Supporting evidence

  • IV. Reason three
  • a. Supporting evidence

    b. Supporting evidence

  • V. Opposing view
  • a. Describe the opposing view

    b. Refute the opposing view

  • VI. Conclusion
  • a. Restate thesis

Once you have complete your outline, you can begin writing your essay. Just expand on the ideas and reasons that you listed in your outline. It will be easy because you should have written all of the ideas in complete sentences with transitional phrases. Make sure that you don’t forget to proofread and edit when you complete your first draft. You would be surprised at how many little errors you make.

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