A List Of Exciting Topics For Your Essay On Harry Potter 

Harry Potter, the boy who lived, has been a superstar ever since he arrived some time in 1997 in our lives. The bespectacled kid with a twinkle in his eye and a lean frame grew into one of the most fearless wizards over a span of 7 tasty books, which rewrote history. The books triggered a restart of fantasy books, quickly inspiring Twilight and other books of the ilk.

Introduction of various characters

Since the Harry Potter series is quite famous with people from 6 to 60, it offers great resource for essay topics for kids and even college students. Author J. K. Rowling has delved deeply into the human psyche to sketch various characters; some pure, some riddled with dark shades, an anti-heroes and a very impersonation of Satan.

Love for the subject

Most kids are quite conversant with the twists and turns of Harry Potter series and would love to tackle essay topics on the subject. Most people even thought of how the stories should culminate after the end of 5th book. The books also inspire references into people living in our midst. Many people actually seem a reflection of one or other characters in the series.

Connection with real world

Care should be taken to create Harry Potter essays in a grounded way, connecting the topics with real world and lives. You will be delighted on seeing the expressions on the faces of kids when they encounter Harry Potter series.

Here is a list of 10 exciting essay topics on Harry Potter –

  1. Should the story have shown Hermione marrying Harry instead of Ron?
  2. What is the impact of popular characters on child artists? Will Daniel Radcliffe ever be able to get fully rid of the stereotype of Harry Potter?
  3. Write a critique on the character of the anti-hero Severus Snape.
  4. Is Voldemort inherently bad or did he become bad solely because of the childhood he had?
  5. Who, according to you is braver and why – Hermione or Ron?
  6. What would you pick if the chance comes: Hallows or Horcrux? Why?
  7. Spread a word on the moral takes of Harry Potter series; repudiation of the werewolf Lupin being an example?
  8. Who is the most balanced character of Harry Potter series? Why?
  9. What will be your take if you realized that a parallel world exists?
  10. . Are you satisfied with the way Harry Potter series ended? Pose an alternate ending.

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