4 Steps To Creating A Strong Introduction For A Compare And Contrast Essay

  • Compare and Contrast Essay
  • Compare & contrast essays generally deal with the comparison and contrast of two different objects in a single essay. Comparison emphasizes on the similarities of the objects, whereas, contrast draws attention to the dissimilarities of the objects. This form of papers are written and followed in the school and college levels.

  • Purpose of writing a Compare & Contrast Paper
  • The main purpose of this kind of writing is to bring out the likeness and the difference between two different objects. Once one is set to work on a topic it is better to make an outline of the points that one wants to include in the paper. It will make the work easier and time saving. It is recommended to enquire about the topic before one proceeds to write.

    A thorough research will enable you to gather much information that is needed to write the piece. You must make sure that you are providing equal information about both the objects you are writing about. You should be careful with the grammar, the language, the length of the paper that you are writing. It is important to know who your readers are and your aim will be to convince your readers from the begging of the essay.

  • Four Steps to Create a Strong Introduction
  • In order to write a compare & contrast paper, it is very important to provide your writing with a strong introduction. The introduction should be an enticing one, so that your reader gets inspired to read more. The following steps will make the introduction of your essay strong and enticing to your readers:

    1. Briefly describe your intention of writing the essay by mentioning any of the interesting facts about the topic you are writing. It can be a general outline to your writing. Only give the basic information about the topic that you are going to write. Do not write in detail about the topic in the introduction.
    2. You can state a thesis statement through which you can establish a strong bond with your readers. The statement has to be catchy or surprising enough to grab their attention.
    3. You can put 2-3 points of comparison and contrast that you want to describe in the later part of the paper.
    4. You can even start the introduction in an anecdotal manner or even by giving a historical review, depending upon the topic you are discussing. It will make the overall text interesting and understandable to the readers.

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