Fast Food Industry Development

The fast food industry has swept over the U.S. and only recently picked up popularity in other countries. Why was this industry developed? How did it gain popularity? The world fast food is not concerned with making life easier for the common man, but with filling the pockets of the corporations with a fast monetary gain.

Fast food is a relatively new concept, not even a hundred years old, and was invented to undermine the popularity of restaurants. By using pre cooked food that just needs to be taken from the freezer and warmed up, the fast food companies cut down the waiting time customers would normally experience at a restaurant. This has several benefits for the corporations, as the fast food will entice customers who do not want to wait to eat and will eliminate the need for hiring trained chefs, waiters and people to bus tables. Hiring high school students or those urgently needing a job, the fast food businesses can keep their wages low so that they will be able to set aside some money for themselves.

The popularity in fast food joints comes from the customers as well as the employees. The customers are drawn to the fast food businesses because of the promise of quick food and the cheap atmosphere that does not require anybody to suit up or dress fancy. The draw for the employees is that high school students can get a job where they can pay for gas for their cars, pay off their cell phone bill or have money to go to the movie theater or hang out with their friends. Of course high school drop-outs can also continue to work at a fast food restaurant since they do not need any skills besides knowing how to use a calculator. The reason behind hiring high school students or people without any skill is that the fast food corporations can keep their wages low and save on money by having their customers clean up their own garbage.

Therefore, the fast food industry development was for selfish reasons on the part of the corporations and not to benefit of anyone else. The fast food corporations saw the appeal in hiring unskilled workers who would not need a high wage and bringing in some fast money for themselves with so many customers wanting food quickly. The benefits of the fast food industry are purely for the corporation heads, not for the customers or employees.

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