Apocalypse is a Greek word. It is interpreted to mean disclosure of knowledge or information. in the religious context, Apocalypse means the revelation of something that is hidden from the human race. The hidden thing is not easy for us to see though it just kept open to us. We have to get some inner revelation or direction so as to understand what is being expressed to us. The primary revelation to Christians is in the book of John. It was revealed to John and he wrote it in the book of Revelation in the New Testament. It is made clear to us that God is the ultimate victor over evil. This is the end time and many people will not understand the revelation.

Forms of Revelation

The Apocalypse takes many forms. Some are very common to us while others are new or don’t appear to mean a lot to us. The most commonly known form of revelation is dreams. We all dream at one point in our life. Dreams have always been used to reveal things to us. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between visions and dreams. The two are often used interchangeably and are all potential ways of getting a revelation. It will, however, depend on the manner of delivery and reception. Many are the times however when we do not understand dreams that we get. Dreams were used to reveal things to people in the past. There were people who used to interpret dreams. Even today, many spiritual churches believe in dreams for revelation. This does not however mean that all dreams are intended to reveal things to us. Angels were also used to show things to those close to him. Angels are heavenly messengers and God used them to take information and instruction to his chosen people, especially in the Old Testament. Information about the future can also be used to give a revelation. God used this when He talked about the ultimate purpose for human beings. He speaks about a future and a hope. There is also the issue of life after death. Symbolism is significantly used today. It is mainly seen when Gematria is used together with symbolism either to enhance or obscure the meaning. The most used symbols are figures and some signs. Figures or numbers like 666 and 40 are believed to be an apocalypse to something.

Importance of the Apocalypse

It is an important and influential part of the human life. It is used to give instruction and make human beings aware of what is required of them.

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