Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a method of computing wherein documents, work, progress, and all other forms of data are stored not on a physical machine which must be accessed locally, but rather, on a cloud storage system that can be accessed by multiple users from anywhere with an internet connection. The growth of cloud computing has freed up space and costs for storage for many companies, allowing advertising companies, for example, to better focus on sharing ideas for public relations practice, and enhancing their effectiveness.

The “standardized versus localized debate” relates to advertising in many ways. Standardization has a place, or rather, is established as a brand across a country, many countries, or many continents. For this to be true, the brand recognition must already be established as reliable so that the brand is able to be leveraged so as to appeal to the local community. In order to succeed, a company must ensure exact brand use as well as standardization. Once a global brand has succeeded within a local market can it add a cultural or geographic approach to the brand. International brands cannot be launched until a brand remains widely recognized around the world. This means that advertising must ensure that a brand is seen as an established and reliable name throughout the world.

Ads that use emotional and rational appeals can integrate a cultural component or a geographic component so that they reach the local communities better and are therefore more successful in the localized markets. Ads are tasked with appealing to specific emotions and rational appeals. For communities which are more conservative, ads should cater to conservative family values rather than the values which might be shown on advertisements in regions such as Las Vegas.

Public relations practices vary in different parts of the world. Some parts of the world see it appropriate to meet over dinner and address the other members with handshakes. Some address other people with hugs while some do not touch at all. There are certain cultural procedures which must be met in certain areas such as moving shoes in Japan or avoiding eye contact with those who are in charge. In some places, women are not to be in the same areas as men, such as the Middle East. Here it would not be appropriate for a female advertising agent to address the men, nor would it be appropriate for the female not to be covered.

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