Egypt Civilization

The Egypt Civilization began back in the 5500BCE. During this time, there were only two kingdoms living along the Nile River. In 3200BCE, Egypt was being ruled by a king knows as King Narmer. During this period, the Egyptians could make tools using stones. They also could practice some architecture using stones. Religion was then governing factor to the Egyptians lives. The king rulerd the land and had a lot of power. It was believed that they owned the land, water and people. The people then respected kings a lot. With Egypt having a religious background, their king was a religious one. His name was Pharaoh. Egyptians had more than two thousand gods and goddesses. They were religious people and accorded a lot of respect to gods of the land. Egyptians believed in second life or the life after death. They also believed so much in a man’s deeds dictating where he went in his second life. They built the pyramids that are the oldest form of modern architecture. There are many factors that led to the Egyptian civilization.

Factors that led to Egyptian Civilization

Egypt was highly populated. There were many youths. This led to increasing in education. Egyptians were keen on education and it opened many opportunities that led to civilization. The youth bulge provided the much-needed task force to drive the economy. There was also the growth of towns in Egypt. Improvement in technology was the other factor that led to the significant development of Egypt.

Effects of Egypt’s Civilization to the Rest of the World

Egypt was the first place to have an invention in technology. It was the first place that people built using stones. Since then, people have developed the first idea to come up with better means of building structures. The writing system was invented in Egypt. People used to communicate via picture and symbols. There was later the invention of the alphabet that is currently used throughout the world. The calendar was first created in Egypt. The calendar is now used all over the world. Egyptians since long ago had great respect for religion. They believed and respected the religion a lot. This importance of religion in our lives became an important feature of the rest of the world. All these factors have caused a lot of differences in life. There is the social class all depending on how we view things differently. All these are as a result of Egyptian Civilization.

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