The Movie Gran Torino

Gran Torino is a drama film put to air in 2008. The film was directed and produced by popular Hollywood star Clint Eastwood. The film itself was received well by a majority of critics and audience members, and touches on the subjects of racism, age, and gang crime. While this film is just a minor part in Eastwood’s vast body of work in the film industry, it was deemed a humorous and deep parable.

Eastwood plays the one of the lead roles Walt Kowalski, along with Hmong American Bee Vang, playing the role of Thao Vang Lor. As synopsis is concerned, the film follows Kowalski who is a veteran from the Korean War, and a retired assembly line worker. The film is based in Detroit, Michigan, more specifically Highland Park. Because of his scarred background from the war, Kowalski is a defiant racist, and responds deeply but quietly to the gang violence in his town, which is depicted to be dominated by mostly poverty stricken Asian immigrants.

Eastwood’s character has definite depth, which is expressed very quietly and subtly. Kowalski is a widower, and lives alone with his dog, Daisy. He shows a disdain for both his religion and family, and is reclusive, often exempting company and exerting an air of loneliness. Costar Thao is a quiet, timid youth looking for acceptance and comes in to play when he fails a gang initiation trying to steal Kowalski’s beloved Gran Torino car. When Walt catches Thao attempting to steal his car, Thao works for him as penance. After this blossoms a very unconventional bond and friendship between two complicated and exceptionally different characters.

After this, the plot thickens with complications. The gang lifestyle continues to pressure in on the youths, primarily Thao, whose cousin is the gang leader. Thao and Walt create a bond with one another, and Walt becomes close with the Hmong community and Thao’s family. When the gang threatens to impede on his safety and lifestyle, not just Thao and his family are concerned, but so is Walt.

As the plot continues, memorable dialog and scenes do as well. The film is a great parable on many different subjects, and while it at some points does have predictable twists in its overall plot, it is an extremely straightforward and deep film. With unconventional, clever humor and a talented cast, this film is a telling of redemption and morals that pull through.

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