Legalization Of Drugs In The United States

Debates on whether to legalize drugs are very complex. There is the majority that is against drug legalization and the few minorities who are very vocal fighting for the legalization of drugs. The groups fighting for the legalization of drugs have raised many issues of how the drug laws in the United States affect individuals and the community. Most of these matters are, however, just vague and ways of trying to blackmail the state to make a bit lenient laws. They have even tried the humanitarian way by talking of the many people that suffer from diseases that can be treated by taking some drugs that are medicinal.

Proponents Arguments

Their claims range from how much the government wastes resources by banning the use of the drug. They claim that the government would collect a lot of taxes if they legalized drugs and imposed huge taxes on the drug business. They claim that drug laws have pushed many people out of business and they now cannot afford to raise their families. Others claim that ban of drugs has led many people to get to crime and lead to many Americans becoming hopeless. One clear thing is that they have not touched at all on the harm that drug use does to individuals and the society. There are very many social issues that are related to drug use in America. It is thus not wise to make drugs legal just because a few minority fight for it.

Opponents of Drug legalization

Many people in the United States want the sale, use and possession of drugs to remain illegal. Many will, however, be quick to tell you that the fight against drugs has had mixed of reaction. It has failed in some aspects and won big in others. One thing that many will agree in unison is that it would be catastrophic if drugs were made legal in America. The youths would suffer most. There would be a lot of experimentation that would lead to the drain of many American youths. If drugs were made legal, this would result in rise in demand. This would lead to a rise in the black market drugs. The government would not have a way to control the drugs in the market. This would harm not only the people but also the economy of America. Many people believe that legalization of drugs would lead to a sudden change in the hearts of those people that are against the law and they would be law abiding citizens. I doubt if this would ever happen.

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