Dispelling Common Myths About Custom Essay Writing

All students have heard the rumors that go around about getting custom essays online. There are like a hundred different things that are not universally true, but are believed to be by so many students. This keeps them from seeking the help that they need from these services online. Plenty of the things that people say about services like this are complete and total myths. Here is some real, true information about just a few of the myths that you have heard about in school.


  • Writing services are too expensive
  • All of the essays are plagiarized
  • The writers can’t write the paper you need correctly
  • They can’t do format or citations
  • You will always get caught if you buy your essay

Writing Services Are Too Expensive

Many students have been told that writing services are so expensive for good work that they could never afford to get a paper from one. This is not always the case. Some writing services can afford to sell papers at such low prices because of the volume of papers they do.

All of the Essays Are Plagiarized

It is a common misconception that every paper you get off of the internet will be a copy of another paper. Some writing services legitimately write the paper just for you, really custom, so it is unique. Not all do this, but they are out there.

The Writers Can’t Write the Paper you need correctly

Many students think that any writing service will have writers who are not qualified to write their paper. This too is not always the case. Some services employ expert writers who happen to be best at essays.

They Can’t Do Format or Citations

Many believe that an APA formatted paper with citations is impossible to get from such a service. This too is false. Many services know all of the different formats and can do them right.

You Will Always Get Caught If You Buy Your Essay

This is not true either. If the paper is truly custom than it was written for you and is unique, the teacher often cannot tell that you did not write it. This is not to say that there is no chance of getting caught, it just isn’t for sure.

Now that you know some of the things you have been told were lies, you can make an informed decision. Keep in mind that most of this depends on which service you pick and how they operate specifically.

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