Picking Up Good Definition Essay Topics To Write About

The definition essay requires the author to choose a topic or item and describe the features and properties of said object in details, making references to the things that make it unique. It is useful to use examples to show similarities or differences that exist between the subject and more commonly understood items. Another thing to avoid is choosing a topic that is direct and plain, easily summed up in a couple sentences without any room for exploration, for example, the word “home” is a much better choice than the word “house” for a definition essay. Here are some good essay topic choices for writing a definition essay:

  1. Describe, giving account of your experiences and reasons, what the word “life” means to you.
  2. What is the relationship that exists between a man and a dog, from the dog’s perspective?
  3. How do you imagine a pet cat perceives the relationship between itself and its owner?
  4. Humans think of themselves as an intelligent species yet we have never interacted with any other life form other than those that exist on earth. What would you define as intelligence as and why?
  5. Is there a difference between playing video games and the conventional recreational activities? Can they both be considered leisure or does gaming require a different form of identification?
  6. Would you consider the love a parent feels for a child different from the love a young adolescent male feels for an attractive girl? Is there a difference or is all love the same?
  7. Pluto is no longer considered a planet because of new evidence found by more advanced data gathering devices. How do we decide what is a planet and what is not?
  8. Humans have been known to be very fond of animals and we often feel like they feel the same. Is this type of relationship mutual or does it require a different definition from that of friendship and companionship?
  9. We often think of space as the empty void filling up the area between stellar bodies however we all exist within space. How does language customs affect the scientific definition of words and is there a definition of this phenomena?
  10. Would you consider the social structure that exists within an ant colony similar to that of human society or is there a difference? State your reasons for each scenario.

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