Writing An Interesting World History Comparative Essay

When you write an essay, your main goal is to impress your professor and colleagues. You can do all this by analyzing properly the main ideas of your composition, and by using the right structure. In a comparative essay you have the chance to explore not one, but two topics and to compare them. You can write differences and similarities and to see how are they connected. World History is a subject that allows you to touch many different niches, so you don’t have to feel that you are limited to only one idea. If you don’t know from where to start or what topic to choose, this article will help you:

  • Talk about two different cities from your country. Of course, you will discuss about them from historical point of view. Search for pictures from the last decades and see how the cities evolved into what they are today. Also, you can mention any battle that happened in those cities, important personalities that were born there and so on. Do not forget that it’s imperative to emphasize the differences and similarities between these two places.
  • Compare two opposite cultures. In Europe, people live a certain lifestyle that is extremely different from the one that people have in Africa for example. In this way you can easily compare two cultures and how they changed in time. You can discuss about the traditions that existed a few hundred of years ago in these cultures, and the ones that still exist today. In what way are these similar? But different? Make sure that you bring pictures, so your colleagues will understand exactly what you want to say.
  • Write about the two World Wars. Apparently, they are extremely similar but if you search for more information you will realize that they have many differences as well. Mention the causes and how they both started, as well as what countries participated in them. If possible, try to find real stories about what happened in these wars and how the life of people was affected. Also, don’t forget to mention how people survived after the wars were finished; in some countries so many men died, that only women were supporting the economy. Later on, they managed to save their society and to bring it back to the glory before the war. Pictures and videos will be really useful!

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