Free Essay Writing Tutorial For Beginners: How To Make The Grade

If you never wrote an essay, you have to make some research before you make your first try. You will need to know how to compose the perfect paper in many situations, and this can really matter for your final grade. Depending on which type of essay you need to write, some elements can be different but the general rules are the same.

  • Choose your topic. This is the first step that you need to make before doing anything else. Your topic will be the main attraction of your paper, so it needs to follow some precise criteria. First, it needs to be easy to approach but not common. Second, you need to be able to find useful information and exact data to introduce in your content. If your topic is vague or too common, you will not be able to get high marks.
  • Create an outline. After you’ve chosen your topic, you need to establish the main ideas that you will integrate in your paper. On a separate paper, write the subheadings in a logic order and a short description of each chapter. This will be the structure on which you will build your text. Make sure to keep the headings short and informative.
  • Start writing. Do not worry about grammar or punctuation, the first draft will be a rough one that will contain all the general information that you know. If you write without worrying about the details, you will be more creative and innovative.
  • Introduce other perspectives. Any essay becomes more attractive when it contains more than one point of view. Try to be as objective as possible and to use references from authorities in the field.
  • Ask for feedback. Ask for somebody else, a teacher or a good student, to read your paper and to tell you what mistakes you made. In this way, you will know what you have to change before submitting the paper, and they might actually give you some valuable ideas.
  • Proofread it. Before submitting your essay, take a day to correct any mistake that you did not notice while writing. This is the moment to pay attention to the details; the grammar, the punctuation signs and any other elements that you missed. It is crucial to make your paper look professional, and for this it needs to be completely error free. In this way, you will certainly take a high grade!

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