How to Write a Decent Narrative Essay in Middle School

A narrative essay is used to convey a true story by the writer. And the goal of this story is not only to convey the experiences of the writer but also to give teaching derived from said experience. There are many ways to write a compelling narrative story, but I’ll share five steps with you, I came across these after doing some research and they are a surety towards getting you closer to writing a good story, hope you find it helpful:

  1. Prewriting
  2. This is an important phase because it allows you to think of your experiences in line with the theme. It’s of no significance how great or small the experience was because you can still make a good story out of it. Spend some time recollecting events and gather all the details from them, how did they unfold? And don’t leave out anything; even the small details are valuable.

  3. Drafting
  4. During this phase it will be wise to follow the outline you wrote in the first phase; this will ensure that your story has flow. Below are some techniques that can add life to your story:

    • Write the story in the first person, it keeps the reader engaged.
    • Explain and present each point, don’t leave anything out as the reader has no knowledge of your experience and leaving some details might confuse the reader.
    • Create the picture in the reader's head, make them truly understand your experience, you can do this by using words that illustrate. Your work is to make sure the reader fully engaged.
    • Don’t shy out of using some fictional elements, they will help build the plot significantly.
  5. Revision
  6. In this phase, you should slowly go through your work and make it flow so that it is easy to read and understand. While you are going through your work, you should look out for these points:

    • Do the events flow; is it easy to understand for the reader?
    • Does it engage the reader? Are there points that can be added to enhance this?
    • Is it descriptive or informative
    • Has the goal been achieved? Will the reader receive the message clearly?

    You should also consider where you will place your revelation, at the beginning, middle or end. Research shows that placing your revelation at the end has a more significant effect on the reader.

  7. Editing
  8. this phase is purely for smaller corrections in grammar and such, it would be wise to have someone read it so that you can receive feedback, might open your eyes to something you didn’t spot.

  9. Publishing
  10. Presenting the finished work can be scary sure, but it should be because it’s your creation, and you have every right to be sensitive about it, so go ahead and experience it so that you can use the feedback and better your writing skills.

These five steps will help you write a decent narrative essay for your middle school assignment. Happy writing.

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