A List of Exciting Cause and Effect Essay Topics for High School

When choosing a topic for your Cause and Effect essay, it is important to consider all options before choosing a topic that you are positive will not only be simple and entertaining for you to write, but that it will be simple and entertaining to read as well. The key to choosing a great cause and effect topic lies in what you wish to portray to your audience. Continue reading this article for a detailed list to assist you in choosing your topic.

  1. What has caused the spike of obese American children in the last decade or so?
    • What aspects of children's lives have changed recently? What aspects have remained the same? Could these things have an effect in this respect?
    • What are the results of a significantly larger number of obese children? What results could be foreseeable in the future?
  2. What are the effects that take place when parents choose not to vaccinate their children?
    • Does vaccinating cause eventual health or mental problems in the child’s life?
    • What effects do unvaccinated children have on their classmates and friends who have received their vaccines?
    • Why do people choose not to vaccinate their children?
  3. What causes cancer?
    • Do different cancers have different causes?
    • What effects does cancer have on the body? Again, does this differ with each type of cancer?
  4. What effects does divorce have on children?
    • Does divorce have notable effects on a child? How so?
    • Do these effects pose a threat to the child’s well-being?
    • Can the divorce continue to affect a child throughout his or her life?
  5. What effect does birth order have on children’s lives?
    • How does the order in which children are born in a family affect how they develop and who they develop into?
    • What exactly causes this phenomenon?
  6. What effect has technology had on the quality of life?
    • What things have been simplified for the average person due to technology?
    • What things have become more difficult?
    • What advantages due to technology does the modern person have over someone of, say, three decades ago?
  7. What has caused to continuation of discrimination due to race, sexual orientation, and gender?
    • What sorts of things have caused discriminations to continue?
    • What effects do these discriminations have on the people involved? How can these things be prevented, and if they were, what effects would that have on our society?
  8. What are the causes for poor water quality in areas around the world?
    • How does poor water quality affect people’s everyday lives?
    • What sorts of things cause the poor water quality? Can these things be prevented or fixed?

This list is just a small sample of topics that can be covered with a cause and effect essay targeted for high school. Feel free to conduct your own research and develop topics that will engage not only you, but your target audience as well.

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