Childhood Memories

Childhood memories can be filled with joy, wonder and laughter. There are times childhood memories can be meaningful and powerful. Unfortunately, not all memories are things people want to talk about. Few may have moments that included losing someone they loved, being hurt physically, mentally, or emotionally, or feelings you just don’t want to revisit as an adult. Many memories as a child can have a positive or negative impact on how you live your life as an adult. There are a number of memories children want to remember and want to forget that play important roles in one’s life while growing up.

Positive childhood memories may include birthday surprises, Christmas wishes coming true, or when you got to go on an exciting trip with fun and adventure. Good memories of this nature make it hard for people to grow up and enter adulthood. Most people know childhood is completely different from adulthood since you have more responsibility and less innocent moments as an adult. There are those moments as a child you couldn’t wait to be an adult and do what you want to do when you want to do it. I guess being an adult isn’t what it’s cracked up to be is it?

Negative childhood memories may include a moment you told a lie, you took something that wasn’t yours, or when a family relationship fell apart. Parents try so hard to keep their children happy and children may not know this during childhood, but it becomes apparent when they reach adulthood. Some childhood memories leave scars that never go away. There are times things happen and you didn’t understand why because you’re young. Parents often don’t want their child to take these memories with them into adulthood. In other words, some things are better left in your past or they give you heartache when you try to move on with your life in the future.

Childhood memories for the most part are special and significant. Parents play an important part in helping their child grow and get the most out of this time. Many memories help people learn important lessons that will come to light in adulthood. Childhood is considered an innocent time when children ask a lot of question about things around them. They are curious about the world and want to learn about their place in it.

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