20 Interesting Topic Ideas For Your Synthesis Essay

Finding topics for essays can be a joy to work with and considering that there are so many topics to choose from it can get confusing. Often times, there is a bit of competition involved with some people’s mind on finding the “better” thesis. Sometimes, the thesis that will make the largest difference in a person’s grade or own interest is choosing something that the individual itself considers to be interesting and not just something that is picked up, copied and forced. There are many things involved that would create such a thesis. However, for the individual, something that is close to their own interests should do it, in that situation sometimes being able to reflect on some topics can lead to some sort or change. There are some points to consider before choosing a topic.

There is a lot of research involved in these types of topics and while there should be a sufficient amount of information involved in creating an argument, the points being made will ultimately be supported by facts that have been read and researched by other people. The main purpose of this is to research documents and prove the skills to find information in a book.

From this research, it is valuable for an individual to know what side of the topic they stand on and in order to know that they would make up their own mind. In their own mind, making supporting statements with facts about specific things can encourage and elevate a debate that then can be included in the research by the writer. Riding the fence doesn't work too well but it does have a reality, and that's undisputed.

The reflection upon the stated arguments and facts are also valuable at this point of the paper. They are to be taken into account and made into a strong paper by looking at them and stating a fact or the opinion of the individual who wants to see the facts. Either way, there is a difference.

Choosing the topics does make a difference, these are some examples

  • Should companies market to children
  • Why the government should have a say in people’s diets
  • Why smoking doesn't kill
  • Why test scores don't mean anything about intelligence
  • Why arguments are endless
  • Why the moon landing happened
  • Why aliens do exist
  • Why history has to be rewritten
  • Why the election process works
  • Why the death penalty is still involved
  • Why climate change is happening
  • Should the lottery be available for free
  • Should men receive paternity leave from work
  • Why cheating on your spouse can be progressive
  • Should computers be less evasive in schools
  • Why curfews don't work
  • Should biofuels be incorporated
  • Should car companies stop stalling and release fossil fuels and admit they have the technology
  • Should the drinking age be lowered
  • Why school should cost less

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