A List Of Argumentative Essay Topics For University Students

A good argumentative essay can be exhilarating to write. It gets you thinking about a concept from the perspective of someone firmly planted on both sides of the fence in order to present it with as little bias as possible.

To get started in this process, you must first choose the best possible topic. This will require a careful analysis of each of the following things:

Your own personality

If you have difficulty arguing certain points, it may not be in your best interest picking any concept that your points will fall flat on. Think about what makes you passionate and what makes you interested. Pick something that fits that bill.

Your time constraints

Some concepts can only be fully explored over a few weeks or months of diligent research. They are not to be chosen if all you have are a few hours or less. Similarly, if you have a month to compose your essay, you should aim for an idea that will reflect the appropriate amount of effort.

Your audience

If you have very conservative views and the people who will read your paper are very liberal, it is easy to cause discomfort with your topic especially if it is worded in a way that can be seen as inflammatory. Tread carefully.

Here are a few topics you can consider depending on your personal situation:

  1. Should gay marriage be legalized worldwide?
  2. Can the resistance of major world powers from engaging in combat against ISIS militants be seen as reluctance to begin a third World War?
  3. Has the feminist movement led to a general increase in the well being of humankind?
  4. Does smart technology cause greater connectivity or a proliferation of shallower connections?
  5. Has the music industry declined in creativity significantly over the passed three decades?
  6. Should teenagers be allowed access to birth control without their parent’s knowledge?
  7. Should patients facing prolonged, painful certain death be allowed access to safe legal euthanasia?
  8. Should human rights be granted to a new classification of sentient beings such as dolphins, whales and chimpanzees?
  9. Are genetically modified foods bad for the health of the planet and mankind?
  10. Can most criminals be rehabilitated by imprisonment?
  11. Is the study of metaphysical phenomena worthwhile in a technology driven society?
  12. Should babies be encouraged to utilize smart technology before developing language skills and other social habits?

You can also come up with your own list if you have the time.

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