How To Get A Free College Essay Sample Without Effort?

Finding samples of essays can be a bit of a chore especially if you are looking for a good essay sample but if you follow these guidelines you may be able to find several samples without too much time and effort.

  1. The college may actually provide you with some samples. But in all honesty, everyone sees these samples and they can be a little overused and not actually give you inspiration and motivation (and confidence) to tackle your own essay.
  2. There are several websites that offer samples of college essays and also some good tips for writing your own essay. To access the websites you need to be using a search engine that looks for academic web sites. Some of the websites offering samples may not appear on your usual search engines or you may get there eventually.
  3. Make sure that once you find the website that you make note of the url address just incase you cannot access it again through your browser history.
  4. Some websites will ask you to sign up with them. Make sure that you read exactly what you are signing up for. It may be that you are signing up for some updates to the website and more tips through emails and they will not be asking for any bank details. Just making sure that they are offering a free service.
  5. Start browsing some of the samples that are on the website. Ideally you need to know if the samples that are posted are real essays that have been successful for the students that have written them. This is essential as you need samples of successful essays.
  6. On the subject of successful essays, it may also be an idea to look at essays that were not successful so you know what to avoid.
  7. Ideally, you need samples that have some form of annotation attached to them. Reading through the comments you will be able to pick up on ideas that you will be able to use to refine your own writing.
  8. Also take note of the topics that have been used for the college essays. There a theme that is more successful? Are there topics that need to be avoided?
  9. As well as samples it may be a good idea to also have a look at lists of essay topics that you could use or adapt for your own interests.
  10. Above all, stay focused on your goal.

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