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writing tips

Stick to your own niche—regardless of the topic

Your writing will always be better if it contains enjoyable content about something you like. No matter how boring you may find a topic, there’s always an angle you can take to make it more interesting FOR YOURSELF. If it’s interesting to you, it’ll be interesting to your reader too.

Say goodbye to your phone

Distractions must be terminated at all costs. Switch off your phone and hide it away; disconnect the internet so that your social media accounts don’t woo you; Close your door and LOCK IT. If needs be, tell everyone in your house that you are not to be disturbed for at least an hour—then use that hour in a disciplined way by chaining yourself to your desk and working.

Know the difference

between planning and dreaming

Don’t fool yourself by thinking that sitting around thinking about writing your essay is the same as planning. Planning involves putting pen to paper and outlining your work, or researching your topic and making notes. If your “planning” doesn’t involve having a pen and paper in your hand, IT’S CALLED DREAMING.

Read at least one other essay before you start

Set the tone for your own writing by analyzing someone else’s essay. Preferably, this essay should be within the same general subject field as your own. Get some ideas of how to proceed and note small details that can win you extra points. Do this before writing EVERY ESSAY, and you’ll get your mind in the zone for constructing a winning essay. If you don't know how to ace your paper, you can always buy papers online and take some rest in the meantime.

Five keys for one door

Write down the following subheadings for your essay:

  • Introduction
  • (Paragraph 1)
  • (Paragraph 2)
  • (Paragraph 3)
  • Conclusion

Under each one of these, write down five key words which represent ideas you wish to convey. Later on when you start writing your content, you’ll be unlikely to run out of ideas.

Be personal

Put a little bit of yourself into your essay. Be transparent in your explanations and honest when you don’t know something. Implement this feature AT LEAST ONCE in every essay you write. You’ll soon see a good response from your readers.

A good example of this: “Upon researching this area of the topic, I came up empty. What I did learn, however, is that...”

Write a terrible essay. No really...

Have some fun with your homework: Sit down at your desk and write an absolutely horrible paper. All 500 words should be badly thought out and you should aim to forget everything your English teachers ever taught you. When you’re done, take your essay in hand and fix it. Don’t change it; just FIX IT. Consider this your first draft and write your final paper from there.

A Little More Inspiration

take a break

If you opt to take a break between your essay writing, make sure you use that time to your advantage.Whatever you do, AVOID THE TV and stay away from your phone. Relaxing is fine, but you need to stay in the right mindset.

Time Is Your Teacher

What are YOUR WEAK POINTS in writing? Get your hands on as many of your old essays as you can find. Take note of the marking and proofread your essay with these beside you.

The dreaded opinion

Consider the opinions of others higher than your own. Get some people to scrutinize your essay and listen to their criticism. Make changes where necessary and hand in your essay when you’re done.

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